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Ancient Shores, Walker Lake, NV


Walker Lake Interpretive Association is a non-profit tax exempt organization of people with a common objective:  to research and share information about Walker Lake.  Our long term goal is to establish an Virtual Interpretive Visitor's Center for Walker Lake.  Walker Lake Interpretive Association Board of Directors consists of volunteers who hope to make the public more aware of the rich resources and history of the Lake through the interpretive website.


Fascinating Facts



The future of Walker Lake is in our hands.  Diversion of the Walker River, for agricultural uses during the past century has resulted in a decline of 126 feet from its 1882 elevation of 4083 foot.  Years of drought have only intensified the dropping level of the lake and as the lake level drops, salinity is increasing.  If it increases beyond a certain level the fish will die and the birds will no longer stop at Walker Lake on their migratory journeys.  Please help us get the word out and preserve this precious resource for future generations....

Walker Lake Interpretive Association is a Non-Profit Organization Incorporated in the State of Nevada.
WLIA is a registered 501 C3 non-profit organization with the United States Internal Revenue Service.


Your donations are tax deductible.

Walker Lake Interpretive Association
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