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Cecil Boat, Walker Lake, NV

Cecil the Sea Serpent

The Cecil Boat races to the finish line in the Liars Race at Walker Lake.

This image is not to make light of the article below.  It is being used because we do not have any images of the mythical sea serpent of Walker Lake.

This following article was submitted by Joshua Segal of Las Vegas, NV.

To the Editor of the Mineral County Independent Newspaper, the Walker Lake Interpretive Association received this email on June 28, 2005 from Joshua Segal. Would it be possible to print Mr. Segal’s sighting of what he witnessed on Walker Lake? Following his email, I have included his permission email and address and phone number.

Mr. Segal’s email is as follows:

On Monday June 27th, 2005 I was driving from Reno, NV to Las Vegas, NV on U.S. Highway 95.  Between the hours of 4pm-5pm my drive brought me to Walker Lake.  Noticing there were no boats on the water and a sign saying Private Reservation or Reserve, I thought this to be pretty weird for such a large lake.  Come to find out a few miles ahead, you are allowed to launch boats.  Anyway, as I viewed the lake on my left side, with a clear view because my '95 Jeep Wrangler had the soft-top windows down, I noticed two birds sitting on the water pretty close to the shore.  The water edge was about 200ft away and the birds were about another 100ft or so out on the water.  What I saw next was unmistakably real as can be. 

    Most people make up stories or tell tall tales for attention or whatever, but I know what I saw.  I've been trying to research all I can in regards to what might have been out there, but all I can find is stories about "Cecil the Sea Serpent," and how I should feed marshmallows to this monster.  Seems more like a campfire story than the truth. 

    As I approached the area of these two birds I noticed the one on the right was all the sudden gone, grabbed by something under the water without much commotion.  The other bird stayed there, no water was splashed, then this large creature slipped quietly back down into the depths of the water.  I thought at the time, "what in the world could have been so large in this lake?"  No sharks, whales, seals, or dolphins live in lakes, so what was it?  I'm certain now I saw something similar to the "Sea Serpent Legend."  This creature slide back into the dark waters hoping no one saw it come out for a snack.  The part I saw must have been its mouth and head area which was gray and round.  It measured at least two feet wide and more than eight feet long.  I couldn't even see its body entirely. It slipped back down into the dark waters before it showed its true size.  The lower part was much larger than the head or mouth area.  The actual size of this thing must have been enormous!  As quietly as it had come up from the deep waters, it slipped back, with no trace of it ever surfacing (except minus one waterfowl).

    I have been thinking about what I saw in Walker Lake non stop since Monday.  Did I really see what I think I saw?  The answer is yes!  I saw something out there, something real, during the daytime and it wasn't a small glimpse or hoax, wasn't magically there and then gone, didn't vanish into thin air.  There is something living in Walker Lake, much larger than any fish.  All the internet sites and people I've talked to over the phone seem to point to nothing recently being seen or published regarding "Cecil the Sea Serpent" or the "Sea Serpent Legend."  Now you do have something recent, a sighting, during the daytime by an individual who was sane and sober.  Please don't discard this as a hoax or someone misinterpreting what they saw.  I saw something in Walker Lake, real and alive.


Joshua Segal


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